Aber Food Surplus is an organisation aiming to reduce food waste in Aberystwyth. We ensure that edible food is redistributed and fed to bellies not bins!

Our Purpose

AberFoodSurplus is ran by Chris Byrne, Chris Woodfield and Heather McClure who founded the student led Sustainability Society at the Aberystwyth University. AberFoodSurplus began as a project that facilitated the conversation between retailers and charities. The continued communication with charities and retailers realised the problems of surplus food creation were not as simply solved as first suggested.

Charities are tightly resourced, and retailers provide food in quantities that go beyond the current charities needs. Engagement and inspiration from charities and other community led food projects across Wales, such as Transition BroGwaun café in Fishguard and The Real Junk Food Project ‘Pay as you feel’ café in Bethesda have influenced a vision in Aberystwyth that involves expanding the communities experience of surplus food.

AberFoodSurplus aims to engage the community in the issues of food waste, broader food security, and in supporting our local communities and food systems.

Aims & Manifesto